ARCC Member Highlight

10 Oct 2017 4:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

ARCC Monthly Member Highlight

Faye McConnell

Age: 24

City: Little Rock, Arkansas

1.   How long have you been climbing?

  • 11 years

2.   How did you get into climbing?

  • I first went climbing at the gym for a birthday party.

3.   Why do you climb?

  • I climb because I still like it. I guess I could go deeper with that answer, but I just like it and that sums it

     up pretty well.

4.   Do you have any strange pre-climbing rituals?

  • No, but I get the nervous pees sometimes.

5.   Proudest ascent?

  • The Prow at Paradise Forks

6.   What is your favorite place to climb in Arkansas? Out of state?

  • In AR, Sam's Throne. Out of state, Paradise Forks.

7.   What discipline of climbing do you prefer? Boulder/Sport/trad/solo?

  • Trad

8.   Why did you become a member of the ARCC?

  • I became a member because Judith spilled her psych on me, and I believe in the mission.

9.   What is your favorite climbing style? Steep/vertical/slab/cracks?

  • Crack

10. What is your favorite climbing event?

  • Climbing trips

11. What is your favorite crag food?

  • Beer

12. Who is your climbing role model?

  • The kids who come climbing for their first time are my heroes. They're going through that experience

     that all of us go through at the best times- just being totally involved in having an adventure and 

     everything is new.

Bonus round!!

1.   Dog or cat?

  • Cat

2.   If you had to pick a famous person to climb with who would it be?

  • Cedar Wright

3.   What is a weird habit that you have?

  • I make my bed most mornings

4.   What is your favorite book?

  • Lord of the Rings

5.   What is something from your bucket list?

  • I want to make it through nursing school

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